Gathering on the Move – a Look at Your City walk on 7th Sept 2019

If you missed the Gathering on the Move Look at Your City walk, here’s a brief blog to recount the highlights. We gathered and started from Tea Room Square in front of the station – a place with *lots* of movement. Various things immediately came up for comment:- Signage is confusing, with a mass of … Read more

The History of the Green Howards South African War Memorial

By David J Nicholson, Green Howards On the 25th May 1904 in the presence of the Lord Mayor of York, the Sheriff and the Corporation, Major General Sir Leslie Rundle unveiled the obelisk, which was erected in the memory of members of the Princess of Wales’s Own Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) who lost their lives … Read more

Friends of Rowntree Park:  Ideas and advice on things to consider in develop public spaces

Cath Mortimer joined us for the ‘Look at your City: Gathering Playfully’ walk and helped us look hard at some of the really practical issues facing public spaces. Where is the park? Sometimes children and families only see the swings areas as the park, whereas good to see play as happening everywhere. Events: Make it … Read more

New Visuality – creative young people’s ideas for a future Clifford’s Tower

My Castle Gateway has always been keen to work with neighbours of the development area, so we got into conversation with Greg McGee of According To McGee on Tower Street. Greg had been working with a group of young people, taking an irreverent look at the city’s heritage and posing alternative futures. We suggested they … Read more

Gathering Green: Look at Your City walk

13th July 2019 As part of the summer Gathering Place discussions, we’ve planned five Look at Your City walks. The walks use what we can see already in York as a resource for thinking creatively about the new public spaces in the Castle and Eye of York. Ten of use explore Parliament Stree, St Helen’s … Read more

Gathering Place Themes

We’ll be launching Gathering Place on 6th and 7th July. Then we’ll dive into the specific issues and challenges of creating a new public area in the Castle and Eye of York. We’ll do that through five themes, each with a fortnight to chew over the issue. Each event will be documented and key issues … Read more

Not just one thing after another: From what happen, to big heritage ideas to questions for the Gathering Place discussions

History is not just a list of facts. History is interpretation, debate and discussion. But the list of ‘facts’ for the Castle and Eye of York is pretty impressive, shocking and important. In this series of three blogs – published to launch in the Gathering Place summer programme – we look at the potted histories … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: Key questions the past poses for the area’s future

This blog was first published as part of the launch the Gathering Place summer programme builds. It has been updated in May 2020 in order to act as a reference point within the Open Brief for the heritage challenges. Navigating layers of history A repeated comment in all of the My Castle Gateway discuss has … Read more