New Public Spaces: Open Brief

Post it note contributions from the Ideas for the Future of the York Castle Museum, 1st September 2019

York is creating a new public space. What now is the Castle Car Park and the green roundabout we call the Eye of York will become a part of York where we can come together. A new place to gather.

In 2019, those who live, work and play in York imagined and debated what this new space will be. All their ideas and discussions have formed the My Castle Gateway Castle and Eye of York Open Brief. We then published the draft Open Brief for another round of discussion and comments, including comments from key orgainisations in the area.

The final verion of the Open Brief was published in May 2020.

The Open Brief brings the future to life. It evokes all the different things people will be doing. From paddling to protesting and from listening to music to reflecting in peace.

You can read the Open Brief here [Word] [PDF]. You can also read online by following the links below.

The Open Brief in brief!
How the Open Brief was created and Structure of the Open Brief
Flexibility of Use
Landscape, Ecology and Trees
Play and playfulness
Castle Car Park
The Eye of York
The Clifford’s Tower Area