Tower Gardens: Draft Open Brief

11th August 2020 Through My Castle Gateway we’ve been talking about Tower Gardens since 2017. Yet Tower Gardens is the area where the least active masterplanning work has been done so far. This was in large part due to the controversy created by the idea in the draft masterplan of putting a boat-shaped building close … Read more

Addressing questions related to Tower Gardens

In a recent post we shared some questions raised during our Tower Gardens event on 3rd February. One question was: How much water does Tower Gardens absorb and does this make a difference to managing flooding on the Ouse? Would further paving in Tower Gardens increase flooding down stream? Could this be balanced by creation … Read more

Tower Gardens: What would make you want to spend more time here?

Tower Gardens walk around: 3rd February 2-4pm We ran the first of our post-masterplan ideas events last Saturday, exploring uses and landscaping of Tower Gardens. You can see the masterplan ideas for Tower Gardens here and people’s responses to them during the engagement period here. The aim of these follow up events is to explore … Read more