Clifford’s Tower: Briefing notes for development

Download the draft Clifford’s Tower: An open brief for development With the visitor building set within the mound now not set to proceed, English Heritage are keen to re-examine future possibilities for at Clifford’s Tower in collaboration with the wider community in York, as part of the wider Castle Gateway project. On 23rd October a … Read moreClifford’s Tower: Briefing notes for development

What makes “Family-Friendly” – a workshop at Applefields School

I was lucky enough to get to spend a morning with children at Applefields School, working with them on a project that had interested them for a while – what makes good family-friendly places? It’s one of those phrases that often gets used without thought, so we spent the time working out what it meant … Read moreWhat makes “Family-Friendly” – a workshop at Applefields School

Addressing questions related to Tower Gardens

In a recent post we shared some questions raised during our Tower Gardens event on 3rd February. One question was: How much water does Tower Gardens absorb and does this make a difference to managing flooding on the Ouse? Would further paving in Tower Gardens increase flooding down stream? Could this be balanced by creation … Read moreAddressing questions related to Tower Gardens

#CitizenMedia #York: How can we create a positive democratic culture online?

#CitizenMedia #York: How can we create a positive democratic culture online? Thursday, 15th March, 7.30-9.30 Throughout the Castle Gateway process, we’ve used social media to seek open conversations. Sometimes this has worked well and great ideas and thought-provoking stories have emerged. At other times we’ve not quite known how to respond, or how turn to … Read more#CitizenMedia #York: How can we create a positive democratic culture online?

Alternative Visions: David W. Barratt

Many people in York have been inspired over the years – and in response to the My Castle Gateway project – to develop their own ideas for the Castle Gateway. As the Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas are open for discussion, in the first of a series of blogs we share Castle Gateway: Alternative Visions. David … Read moreAlternative Visions: David W. Barratt

22nd July: Opening up Castle Gateway walks

Today My Castle Gateway is working in collaboration with Coaching York to run walks around the Castle Gateway area. You can book you places via this link. We’ll be keeping an update of number of places left via twitter and our facebook page. The rain is due to clear up by 11am!

The ‘My’ in My Castle Gateway

Before collaborating on My Castle Gateway project, Phil Bixby and Helen Graham worked together on My Future York. More than once they’ve been asked why use ‘my’ (rather than, say Your Future York or Our Future York). Here they discuss the various reasons and how ‘my’ signals the distinctive approach to engagement taken in the … Read moreThe ‘My’ in My Castle Gateway