The story so far

January 2019: The My Castle Gateway story so far…

Step 1: Building the brief
May 2017-August 2017
Through a series of walks, workshops and social media discussions, we developed an Open Brief and invited further comments. The City of York Council masterplanners used the brief – and the City of York Council vision – to develop masterplan ideas.

Step 2: Deepening understand, exploring challenges
September-November 2017
Through Step 1 we identified challenges such as flooding, how it could be financially delivered and how community ownership could be sustained. While the masterplanners were developing the ideas we stared to openly explore key challenges: Public Space, Movement, Living Well with Water, Ownership and Value. We used these discussions to inform the Masterplan ideas and helped us build networks of key agencies and organizations, interested people and community groups.

Step 3: Exploring the Masterplan Ideas
November-December 2017
In November we shared the Masterplan ideas for the future of the Castle Gateway area. We invited you to explore the ideas, consider what they’d mean for you, identify your priorities and debate how the ideas should be delivered. You can read about people’s responses through our report.

Step 4: Approving the Masterplan
April 2018
Based on all on these discussions, a preferred masterplan went to go to the City of York Council Executive early in April 2018 and was approved.

Step 5: Developing detailed community briefs
January 2019-onoing

In January 2019 we launched the next phase of My Castle Gateway.

This has include developing more detailed an open community brief for the Piccadilly, published in March 2019.

Engagment on the planning applications for Castle Mills Appartments and St George’s Field car park took place in June 2019. The Planning applications will be submitted in Autumn 2019.

Over the summer 2019 we’ve been focusing on the the new public space, through Gathering Places through many different events exploring heritage, water, play, movement and what it means to have a space to come together. On 12th October all are welcome to join us drawing our the open community brief for the new public spaces which will then be used to develop design ideas.

February 2022: The planning application for the new public spaces in Castle Gateway and the Eye of York was submitted. You can read the application at the Planning Portal (Ref:22/00209/FULM) – we’ve also got events coming up to explore the designs in more detail.