Gathering Green: Look at Your City walk

13th July 2019 As part of the summer Gathering Place discussions, we’ve planned five Look at Your City walks. The walks use what we can see already in York as a resource for thinking creatively about the new public spaces in the Castle and Eye of York. Ten of use explore Parliament Stree, St Helen’s … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: Key questions the past poses for the area’s future

This blog was first published as part of the launch the Gathering Place summer programme builds. It has been updated in May 2020 in order to act as a reference point within the Open Brief for the heritage challenges. Navigating layers of history A repeated comment in all of the My Castle Gateway discuss has … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: Big Heritage Ideas

You’ve read about the pretty incredible things that happened in the Castle Gateway area, here are the big heritage ideas to take forward into our discussions about what the area means and what makes it matter. Read the final blog in this series to explore what questions this raised for the Gathering Place discussions about … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: A very quick account of 2000 years of change

Whether it is Romans, Vikings, Normans, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, 19th century judicial authority and political resistance or the rise of the car, tourism and shopping in the 20th Century, the Castle Gateway area opens up ‘little bit of everything of York’s archaeology and urban history’, as John Oxley, York’s City Archaeologist, puts it. … Read more

Gathering Place Launch Weekend: Castle and the Eye of York Area

Gathering Place: Castle and the Eye of York Area Launch Weekend with My Castle Gateway – 6th and 7th July Walks and Workshop Meet outside the Castle Museum entrance Saturday 10am [Book Your Place]  / Saturday 11.30am [Book Your Place]  / Saturday 1pm Accessible walk, flat access only and  pace set by group [Book Your … Read more