The Open Brief in brief!

York is creating a new public space. What now is the Castle Car Park and the green roundabout we call the Eye of York will become a part of York where we can come together. A new place to gather. A new place to spend time.

Imagine you are there in the future.

You might be watching the Foss go by and maybe even getting your feet wet!

You might be having your lunch break, perching on a sunny or shady step and biting into a sandwich.

You might be playfully running in and out of fountains – whatever age you are!

You might be getting out your picnic and feeling welcome in the area without spending money.

You might be navigating your way to and through the area easily and in ways that bring to life the layers of history in the area.

You might be thinking, or praying, facing Clifford’s Tower and quietly remembering the people who died in the place where you are sat.

You might be crowding into the area on an evening to see a play, hear music or watch fireworks.

You might be planning a rally, a procession or a protest, gathering in the Eye of York where Yorkshire MPs were once elected.

You might be watching birds gather in a place rich with wildlife, enjoying the way the wild is part of the city centre.

The Open Brief brings the area to life. It then sets out the Design Challenges. Together we’ve created a shared imagined future for the Castle and Eye of York. The designers working with the Council will read carefully, be inspired and then bring our ideas for York’s new public spaces to life.