About My Castle Gateway

My Castle Gateway launched in June 2017. We’ve been working with anyone interested in shaping the future of Castle Gateway, an area which includes Fossgate, Walmgate, Piccadilly, Foss Basin and Castle area and Eye of York. In January 2019 we’re launching the next phase of My Castle Gateway to develop more detailed community briefs for St Georges Field, Piccadilly, for movement to and through the whole area and for the new public space where the Castle Car park is now. The architects will then respond to these briefs as planning applications are developed. Catch up on the Castle Gateway developments with a blog by Andy Kerr, Castle Gateway Project Manager.

The approach My Castle Gateway has taken goes beyond conventional community consultation by enabling all those interested to become part of a sustained long-term conversation where influence comes through sharing responsibility for the area and its future. Getting involved will active, challenging and fun.

Our approach includes:

  • Build a brief: Start with the personal… and make different people’s needs and ideas visible. In My Castle Gateway 2 we’ll be develop more detailed open public briefs for each of the key areas, starting with Piccadilly and soon after the new public space (thoughts on the value of a good brief can be read here)
  • Explore Challenges: Cultivate a grown up and sophisticated public debate about complex issues. In My Castle Gateway 2 this will include taking a systemic approach to the design and development in Castle Gateway
  • Make change together: Facilitate community networks and local action as well as long term community influence in decision-making, design and delivery. In My Castle Gateway 2 this will mean developing community networks that can take forward good ideas immediately as part of prototyping and experimenting with future uses and to iteratively inform the designs and planning applications.

My Castle Gateway is part of the wider My Future York project. Read more about the My Future York approach – developed through both My Castle Gateway and My York Central.

My Castle Gateway is a partnership between the City of York Council, My Future York and University of Leeds. The Council is restricted from hosting party political comments and so comments that make reference, positively or negatively, to specific political parties and individuals representing them will not be able to be included.