Revealing the final masterplan ideas

Over the past nine months we’ve been talking about the Castle Gateway area and what you value and what you’d like to see, do and change. We’ve identified together both how the area should develop and thrive as well the key challenges.

Now we’re able to share the masterplanners responses to the visions and issues. You can explore the ideas in full through the council’s Castle Gateway Masterplan website.

Click on the lik above to explore the council’s website setting out the Castle Gateway masterplan.

What are the ideas?

Over the past three weeks the council has been sharing the key ideas, to link with this we’ve been writing short blogs setting the ideas in the context of the My Castle Gateway brief, challenges and debates. You can read each of the blogs via the links below.

A big new open space on Castle Car Park.
Alternative city centre car parking: a multi-storey on St George’s Field
A Riverside Walk next to the Foss
Bring life to the Foss Basin and a new way of crossing the Fishergate Gyratory
A new approach to Piccadily, of independent shops, big pavements, appartments and good connections over the Foss and in both directions on the Fishergate gyratory.

What’s next?

This isn’t the end of My Castle Gateway or your involvement. We’ve made enormous progress since we started the conversation in May 2017, taking us from the Open Brief, via the My Castle Gateway challenges, to openly discussing the masterplan ideas to these final masterplan responses.

If the Council Executive give the thumbs up in April then we’ll begin a new phase of working together to refine the briefs for the key ideas from what will make a brilliant public space in the Eye of York through to what would makes for a good multi-storey car park.

How to get (or stay) involved!

We’d really like to carry on the conversation about the ideas for Castle Gateway. Let us know your thoughts about the report in whatever way works for you. We’ve also got some events in the planning and will post them on our events page and advertise via our mailing list and social media.

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