The Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas

The masterplan ideas set out lots of different possibilities across the Castle Gateway area,

The My Castle Gateway Open Brief formed a basis – alongside other financial, policy and technical considerations – for the work of BDP, engaged by the council to produce masterplan proposals. They responded to this brief, looking at:-

  • Major sites within the area
  • Other interventions in support of wishes stated in the brief, or where other changes created opportunities
  • Transport and movement issues
  • Financial modelling to investigate costs and benefits

The masterplan ideas were presented in a way which broadly grouped them by area, as:-

  1. King’s Staith
  2. Piccadilly
  3. Castle and the Eye of York
  4. St George’s Field
  5. The River Corridors

The masterplan ideas were made public in November, and a formal period for feedback ran until 22nd December. During this period there were various ways for people to view the masterplan ideas and to respond to them.