Guildhall Ward Committee, 24th May 2017

We went to the Guildhall Ward Committee about the Castle Gateway area. We asked :
• What’s important?
• What would you like to do here in the future?

When we looked at the Post-it notes there were some very clear themes. People wanted to:

• Eat [food stalls, fast food, restaurants] [some said the food should be affordable]
• Play [area for children, skate park, disabled sport’s centre] [some added this should be affordable, for all generations, be accessible to all]
• Sit and reflect [in Tower Gardens or near Clifford’s Tower] [peaceful, quiet, work for those with dementia, be green]
• Live [affordable housing]
• Park [their cars and their bikes] [that the carparks should be safe and easy to navigate]
• Move [Walk, Cycle and Move easily with their wheelchairs through the area] [should be accessible]
• See the Foss and its wildlife [walk way near the river]
• See boats [a marina]
• Understand the history of the area [see better the bailey of the castle]

Guildhall Ward Committee 24th May 2017