Play and playfulness

Ideas about play contributed through Gathering Playfully events.

The whole area should create many different ways for people of all ages to play, especially families with young children. Different types of play can flourish in different parts of the Castle and Eye of York.

Bringing the Open Brief to life. In the future, what are people doing?

Children – and everyone! –  are coming running, jumping, laughing as they play in the fountains. #GatheringPlace #GatheringWithWater #GatheringPlayfully

Children are peeking out, crawling through, hiding behind and climbing on structures that are also benches and seating for all ages. #GatheringPlace #GatheringPlayfully

Play and playfulness: Design Challenges

  • The opportunity should be taken in design to make the landscape playful, and to create urban spaces which are comfortable for adults to stay in while children play.
  • Fountains and water features which are playful rather than ornamental attract children and encourage play. How can they also be used to bring to life different stories of the area?
  • Different children thrive in different environments but there is a wish from some parents for space where children can play where boundaries can be clearly defined, and…
  • …it’s not unique to families, but there needs to be toilets which are convenient to places where there is activity.