Challenges: Living Well With Water

Issues identified at the Living Well With Water Challenges Event, 19th September 2017

Last Tuesday we had our My Castle Gateway Challenges: Living Well with Water event. The aim was to look closely at the Living Well With Water section of the draft brief on this theme are work out areas for development.

The Draft Brief: Living Well With Water

The flickr album of the event tells the story of the issues. As does our Twitter Hour #MCGLivingWithWater. Having identified the issues we have been – at all the Challenge events – asking three questions:

What do we need to understand?
Who do we need to talk too?
What can we do to creativity try out and experiment with possible Castle Gateway futures?

The main themes which came up as things to collectively take further were:-

Legal issues: Clarifying everything regarding legal issues and behaviour on the rivers – what can you do where, who controls what, etc.
Ownership issues: Clarifying who owns what.
Users: Speaking to other uses such as those finishing and the Sea Cadets
People and Wildlife: Understand better the wildlife of the Foss and which activities complement and which might cause issues.
Histories and interpretation: The idea of some sort of event which creatively looks at ways of interpreting the history of the Foss, working with YMT and others.
Understanding River/Flood Management: Working with the Environment Agency to develop some sort of event to interpret the Foss Barrier / pumping station and the positive impact it has on flood reduction.
Understanding Safety: Looking at issues to do with safety and use of the river banks.

If you’re interested in following up on any of these with us that would be ace, just let us know.

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