My Castle Gateway: Pasts and Futures

This photo was taken in 1900s. You can see the Prison Walls still encirling Clifford’s Tower. There is not a single car in the photo. This is one moment in the past of the area, come and join us to explore other pasts and debate the ideas in the My Castle Gateway Open Brief for the future of the new public spaces.

Hilton Tower Restaurant
7th December 2019, Drop In
11am-12noon, The Green Howards and the South African War Memorial, York Army Museum
12noon-5pm, Various events from Hilton Tower Restaurant
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Join us on 7th December to delve into the histories of the Castle and Eye of York and to join the conversation about the area’s future.

The draft Open Brief for the new Castle Gateway public spaces will soon be live and open for discussion. The Open Brief has been shaped by many different people, of all ages and from across York all responding to two questions: What matters to you about the Castle and the Eye of York? What would you like to be able to do in the area in the future?

On 7th December you will be able to explore the area through the eyes of the different people and groups that care for the area. There will be a mix of talks, walks, slideshows and conversations which will open up the area in different ways and create different ways of exploring and commenting on the draft Open Brief.

My Castle Gateway: Pasts and Futures has been made possible through the ideas and involvement of: York Museums Trust, English Heritage, Historic England, the Hilton, Friends of York Walls, York Georgian Society, York Past and Present, The Green Howards, York Army Museum.

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