Living Well With Water

Walking and cycling up the Foss was a very popular idea, as one contributor put it ‘excited about this!’

Through the My Castle Gateway Step 1 Open Brief process people said they wanted to be able to:

  • Enjoy the views of both rivers
  • Appreciate the wildlife of the rivers
  • Use boats – barges and canoes – on the Foss
  • Walk and cycle both rivers into town
  • Recognise that York will flood, and work creatively with that reality
  • See the Foss. Reverse the current situation where the town turns its back on the Foss, and recognise the value that water has in an urban setting.

Support for the proposed new Foss River walk has been noted above (in “Movement”).

In terms of The Foss Basin site (RC1) there was a general interest in some residential accommodation (RC1 B) and new activity with contributions (e.g. River Foss Society) noting this might address anti-social behaviour. There were some contributions which were supportive of apartments (RC1 B) but many said that they would support apartments only if they were affordable. There was support for house boats and for a place for visiting boats.

In terms of new activities swimming and other water-based activities (mentioned in idea T13) were welcomed. Wildlife was noted a consideration in any new development.

Some people welcome ideas for new cafes and bars, others very strongly wanted the area to be left alone and for it to remain quiet, reflective space.

In terms of the Blue Bridge/Confluence of the Rivers site (RC3) / (T19) a proposal for public art and/or a viewing platform was suggested. This was not an issue which provoked many comments (27). A majority of respondents were not in favour of this idea, partly as it is an area already well used by anglers. Of these people, there was an interest in more seating. A minority were interested in this idea, and that it was full accessible to wheelchair users was flagged.

One proposal (T10) was to Relocate the river cruise pontoon and embarkation point to Tower gardens.  Very few people responded to this but those that did were against it in Tower Gardens (and the responses to the building in Tower Gardens should be read as a wider concern with activities that might affect the Arts Barge), with one suggestion, from York Civic Trust, that this could work in King’s Staith.

Proposal T14 was the Relocating the war memorial from the Tower Street roundabout to a site within Tower Gardens. In general the responses were in favour of moving the war memorial, in large part because it was believed to increase access. There was one contribution against from York Civic Trust who thought it would ‘reduce its impact’.