Walk with Todd Longstaffe Gowan

Internationally-renowned landscape architect Todd Longstaffe Gowan joined us on at a rainy lunchtime, helping us to look at how landscaping can create a public space residents will love. Within the group there are a diverse range of perspectives including residents, local history enthusiasts, and people concerned with accessibility. We start the tour at the Eye … Read more

Gathering with Water: Look at Your City Walk

 Gathering with Water: Look at Your City walk Virtual Tour Thursday 25th July 2019 How can water be welcomed in the design of the new public space in the Castle and Eye of York? Whether that is dealing with flooding, encouraging use of the Foss, referencing past moats and river defences, or adding in playful … Read more

Gathering Heritage Virtual Tour

           Creativity of Heritage: Debating the Castle and the Eye of York Neil Redfern, Principal Inspector for Historic England in Yorkshire Saturday 20 July 2019 Heritage isn’t fixed, it isn’t just old buildings, it isn’t all about the past – it’s a way of debating what matters to us today and how we value it. … Read more

My Castle Gateway 2: Walking Tour

Over the first weekend in July, the My Castle Gateway team took to the pavements and have been touring, with residents and visitors, around the area of The Castle and Eye of York. Walking and talking, those who joined us have  been discussing the future potential and plans for the area in and around the … Read more