The Eye of York: How to combine active uses, trees and planting?

The design proposals for the Eye of York – the space between the Female Prison, the Debtors Prison (York Castle Museum) and the Court – have brought into focus a choice about the space and its specific character within the reshaped Castle Gateway. The current grass roundabout known as the Eye of York facilitates traffic … Read more

York Castle Museum Transformation

The conversations about the future of York Castle Museum have always been a central to My Castle Gateway. From Reyahn King, York Museums Trust’s Chief Executive setting out visions for the museum in 2018 and 2019 to the series of public events in October 2019 identifying how movement to and through the site can be … Read more

Design thinking in process: Starting to think spatially about the Open Brief activities

We’ll have design ideas to share in May but meanwhile we’re sharing some work-in-progress which explores how to allocate space to different activities in the Castle Gateway area. How can we contribute to the design process by applying some of the questions that came out of the last round of engagement to this initial thinking? … Read more

Between the Open Brief and the Concept Designs – Exploring the Challenges

The Castle Gateway designers have been reading the New Public Spaces Open Brief, analysing the issues and crystallizing the challenges. Through a series of My Castle Gateway public events and social media conversations we used this analysis to draw out key questions that can be used by the designers to shape initial design ideas over … Read more

New Public Spaces – from the Open Brief to first designs

Designers have started work turning the My Castle Gateway New Public Spaces Open Brief into first designs. Last summer many conversations, walks and events were turned into an Open Brief for the new public spaces in the Castle Gateway area. The Open Brief describes what people would like to be able to do in the … Read more

St. George’s Field Multi-Storey Car Park

The council’s proposal for a new multi-storey car park on St.George’s Field – to replace Castle Car Park – gained planning approval last week. The requirement for replacement parking has always been part of the brief for the work to the area. That requirement shaped the original My Castle Gateway public engagement back in 2017, … Read more