Alternative Visions – a reshaped Piccadilly by Chris Donegani

Chris Donegani lives on Piccadilly and was a regular participant in the workshops we ran to look at the reshaping of public realm along Piccadilly earlier this year. Having been part of the various conversations and given a lot of consideration to the various issues involved, Chris put down on paper some proposals which illustrated … Read more

Gathering On The Move – Cycling for Wider Mobility

Group ride with York Cycle Campaign – 23rd September 2019 Background One of the cornerstones of the My Future York approach to public engagement has been “Look at your City” events where we’ve walked or cycled around parts of the city to reflect on how they work, and how we might learn lessons which can … Read more

Gathering on the Move – a Look at Your City walk on 7th Sept 2019

If you missed the Gathering on the Move Look at Your City walk, here’s a brief blog to recount the highlights. We gathered and started from Tea Room Square in front of the station – a place with *lots* of movement. Various things immediately came up for comment:- Signage is confusing, with a mass of … Read more

Gathering Green: Look at Your City walk

13th July 2019 As part of the summer Gathering Place discussions, we’ve planned five Look at Your City walks. The walks use what we can see already in York as a resource for thinking creatively about the new public spaces in the Castle and Eye of York. Ten of use explore Parliament Stree, St Helen’s … Read more

York Castle Museum and its Vision and Ambitions – Reyahn King, York Museum Trust Chief Executive

At the heart of the Castle Gateway area is York Castle Musuem, based in two the most important buildings of the area, the Debtor’s Prision and the Female Prision, nestled in the only remains of the Norman Castle walls and housing outstanding collections exploring the everyday life of the last two centuries. Chief Executive Reyahn … Read more

Pre-Application Discussions: St George’s Field Multi-Storey Car Park, Castle Mills Apartment and Castle Mills Bridge

On 1st and 5th June My Castle Gateway ran two events focused specifically on the applications for St George’s Field Multi-storey car park, Castle Mills Apartments and the new bridge over the Foss. Below is a report which links together specific feedback from these June events and the earlier events exploring the applications in March. … Read more

Not just one thing after another: From what happen, to big heritage ideas to questions for the Gathering Place discussions

History is not just a list of facts. History is interpretation, debate and discussion. But the list of ‘facts’ for the Castle and Eye of York is pretty impressive, shocking and important. In this series of three blogs – published to launch in the Gathering Place summer programme – we look at the potted histories … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: Key questions the past poses for the area’s future

This blog was first published as part of the launch the Gathering Place summer programme builds. It has been updated in May 2020 in order to act as a reference point within the Open Brief for the heritage challenges. Navigating layers of history A repeated comment in all of the My Castle Gateway discuss has … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: Big Heritage Ideas

You’ve read about the pretty incredible things that happened in the Castle Gateway area, here are the big heritage ideas to take forward into our discussions about what the area means and what makes it matter. Read the final blog in this series to explore what questions this raised for the Gathering Place discussions about … Read more

The Castle and Eye of York: A very quick account of 2000 years of change

Whether it is Romans, Vikings, Normans, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, 19th century judicial authority and political resistance or the rise of the car, tourism and shopping in the 20th Century, the Castle Gateway area opens up ‘little bit of everything of York’s archaeology and urban history’, as John Oxley, York’s City Archaeologist, puts it. … Read more