York Castle Museum Briefing Notes Introduction: Movement and Meaning

Illustrations suggesting how the Eye of York and the York Castle Museum might be opened up by John Christophers, Associated Architects who responded to ideas at one of the Movement and Meaning workshops.

As part of the wider Castle Gateway project York Castle Museum is also embarking on a major development which aims to interpret the histories of the site, enhance the existing buildings, offer porosity and visual and physical links between the river, the museum and the wider castle site, display better the museum’s collections and reach a wider audience.

My Castle Gateway have developed community briefing notes for the development of York Castle Museum that will form part of the architects’ brief. The York Castle Museum Briefing Notes are drawn from the existing My Castle Gateway open brief for the whole Castle Gateway area along with input drawn from four workshops held in collaboration with York Museums Trust in October 2018.

Each workshop was focused on the intersection between movement and meaning, and three of the workshops involved groups with specific interests – movement, heritage and the rivers. In all of the workshops, notes were taken during a walk around the area and also during a post-walk discussion. There are links to the comments where appropriate to give more detail.

These briefing notes are structured in two sections – Movement and Meaning (including the setting of the museum) and Arrival and Orientation. There is a brief conclusion which notes issues to be considered going forwards.

As always we welcome any reflections from people who were able to take part in the workshops as well as fresh eyes and new comments from those that weren’t email mycastlegateway@gmail.com 

To stay in touch with the York Castle Musuem project as it develops email: YorkCastleMuseumProject@ymt.org.uk

Read the York Castle Museum Briefing Notes [Download]

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