Theatre/Music/Dance: Refining the draft Open Brief

There is a huge interest in seeing the new public spaces in Castle Gateway as hosting theatre, music, outdoor cinema, dance and every other art form imaginable. On reflection, we’ve been a bit concerned that this aspect of the draft Open Brief is currently less well developed than it could be. To fix this, we’ve … Read more

Music in the open air

There’s something special about outdoor music performances. Whatever your taste – Womad, Glastonbury, Carolina Country Music or Jazz New Orleans, there’s something for everyone. Some people though, like their music on a much more intimate, less ear drum bursting level and are not looking for big names or mind altering substances. Some of my best … Read more

Red Tower: Testing the draft Open Brief

3rd and 10th February 2020 We returned to Red Tower to share the draft Open Brief for the new public spaces in the Castle Gateway area. This followed sessions in summer to generate ideas for the new public spaces. Every Monday the Red Tower hosts a Pay-as-you-feel lunch, you can pick up a bag of … Read more

Piccadilly: My Castle Gateway Draft Open Brief

The masterplan vision for the area – informed by the My Castle Gateway brief – was: • Piccadilly as the heart of a thriving city centre neighbourhood • City centre living appealing to those attracted by proximity to the historic city centre • A lively atmosphere generated by small and independent businesses including creative industries, … Read more